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We’re not just an agency – we’re our client’s technology partners

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Lembas Solutions is not like your typical agency. Our technology first approach means that we make recommendations based on what is best for your project rather than trying to force your project into the limited technologies we happen to know. The benefit of using the right tool for the job are superior results accomplished faster and at a lower cost.

What We Can do For You

Web Design

Your website is usually the first thing your potential customers interact with. At Lembas Solutions we create websites that meet your needs -- from a basic template site for organizations that only need a website for social proof and phone number retrieval to enterprise level web applications.

Our speciality is eCommerce and providing businesses with a realistically priced option to sell online using a proper eCommerce platform is a big part of why we started Lembas Solutions

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing package is designed to allow businesses to outsource the promotion of their business online. We primarily focus on PPC, SEO, and social media advertising but depending on the client’s needs we also offer content and email marketing as well as assistance with setting up your company to sell products on various marketplace platforms

Custom Software

Commercial software in many cases is adequate but there are some situations where the added productivity and efficiency generated by a custom system is a game-changer for a business. Lembas Solutions can build you that custom supplication.

It Services

Managing your own IT infrastructure can be time consuming and expensive but with the rapid increase in cyber attacks it also is not something a business can ignore. Lembas Solutions offers bespoke IT management packages tailor-made for the needs of your organization.

About Us

Lemnas Solutions

Lembas Solutions is more than an agency – we aim to be our client’s technology partner. We offer a one vendor solution for everything a business needs to thrive in an environment that is increasingly digital. We are a new company but new does not mean inexperienced coming to this with over twenty-five years experience in both web and custom software development. It was our experience working with clients was what motivated us to finally formalize the situation and start Lembas Solutions.

Over the last few years we have run into an ever-increasing number of new clients who were not treated well by their previous vendor. We have realized that when it comes to technology -- vendors use informational asymmetry to exploit businesses. Everyone wants to make money, but we kept taking on new clients who had paid thousands of dollars for stuff that should have cost a fraction of that or in some cases not even been done. We grew to see this as a significant barrier for small and medium businesses to succeed so Lembas Solutions was formed.

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